Effective E2E Testing Using Cypress

Unit testing is hard and time-consuming; and worse – the users and the customers do not care! They only want the features working in the production system, everything else is development overhead. If this is the case, how do we improve web application quality? How do we catch the bugs early? How can we test […]

Creating Community: Building a Brand Advocacy Program

Often times developers want to find peers like themselves. We see this in our day-to-day by searching stack overflow or google for solutions to our unsolved problems. Instead of stack overflow providing the answers for your users, why not build your own community and provide the resources your users need to be successful. In this […]

Intro to Progressive Web Apps

What’s a progressive web app (PWA)? Should you turn your site into a PWA? Does it replace the need for a Native Web App? Do PWAs work offline? This session will provide answers to these questions and show you how to create a reliable, fast and engaging PWA. We’ll work through enabling a web app […]

From Caesar Cipher To Quantum Cryptography

Humans of all times have used codes and ciphers. Some of the greatest wars in history have been won thanks to good encryption, or lost due to great cryptographers. Even if we don’t think about it, encryption and cryptography are a big part of our lives, now that https is the defacto standard for the […]

Load Testing the Hard Way with JMeter and DigitalOcean

Sure, Dockerizing JMeter in server mode for use in Digital Ocean’s cloud service would be super easy. But, that’s no way to learn a DevOps API! In this talk, I walk through an application written using Spring Boot that executes 99,000,000 requests in about 40 minutes across 100 machines. A friend and colleague runs a […]