CoderCruise 2019 • August 19 - 23

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4 Days at Sea
24 Sessions
Product Launches
Family Activities
1:1 Expert Sessions

Port Canaveral         Nassau        Princess Cays         Port Canaveral

Join us for four fun days at sea, 24 great sessions, and the conference of a lifetime.

Your ticket includes the cost of the cruise, taxes, port fees, gratuities, onboard entertainment, and all meals* - and starts at just $435/ person!  

August 19th
4:00pm Depart Port Canaveral
5:00pm - Opening Reception
August 20th
8:30am - 12:00pm Sessions/ Workshops
10:00am - 6:00pm Activities in Nassau [optional]
1:00pm - 5:00pm 1:1 Expert Meetings Available
August 21st
8:00am - 5:00pm Activities in Princess Cays [optional]
10:00am - 2:00pm 1:1 Expert Meetings Available
3:00pm - 3:45pm RingCentral Afternoon Keynote
4:00pm - 6:00pm Sessions/ Workshops
August 22nd
8:00am - 3:15pm Sessions/ Workshops
10:00am - 2:00pm 1:1 Expert Meetings Available
10:00am - 2:00pm Testing & Certification Hours
3:30pm - 4:30pm Closing Keynote
August 23rd
8:00am Arrive back in Port Canaveral

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RingCentral Sessions (6)  |  General Sessions (18)  |  Virtual Sessions (200+)

Hands on workshops and sessions by RingCentral experts

Bryne Reese
Sr. Mgr, Developer Products
Paco Vu
Sr. Developer Evangelist
Mike Stowe
Developer Relations

Keynote: Don't Just Be a Developer...

Mike Stowe, Developer Relations

Being a developer doesn't mean just clocking in 9-5 (ok who are we kidding) and writing code. It means reimagining the way we interact, work, and play every single day. It means you have the power to greatly impact those around you - through community, through innovation, and through collaboration. Join us as we look at how you can be more than just a Developer... You can be a Game Changer.

Call… Text… Video Me Maybe?

Mike Stowe, Developer Relations

Have you ever wondered how you could add voice, telephone, SMS, MMS, messaging, video, meeting, or fax (yes – I said fax) capabilities to your web app? Learn how easy it is to build in all of these with HTTP based APIs and take your application beyond the browser with RingCentral.

Advanced RingCentral API Use Cases

Byrne Reese, Sr. Mgr, Developer Products

Get a tour of some of RingCentral’s most advanced integrations: What do they do? Who built them? How are they architected and what APIs do they call upon? We answer these questions to inspire developers about the possibilities of a unified communication platform, and to offer insight on how they were built so that customers might begin to understand how they might go about building solutions themselves.

Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data with Applied Machine Learning

Paco Vu, Sr. Developer Evangelist

There is no doubt that pulling actionable insights from big data and analytics offers huge benefits for businesses. What it takes a company to use AI-based analytics to improve user experiences or to make better business decisions. Join this session to explore your business opportunities with RingCentral.

The Future of Communications

Mike Stowe, Developer Relations

The communications space is changing - rapidly with changes from the FCC and carriers including crackdowns on robocalls, automated messages, and more having a huge impact on companies and applications relying on voice, SMS, and other technologies. Join us as we look at how the industry is changing, and how to make sure you're communicating effectively (whether P2P or A2P) and efficiently with your customers.

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Hands on workshops and sessions by industry experts

Gabriela D’Ávila Ferrara
Micah Silverman
Kurtis Kemple
Michelle Fernandez Bieber
Senacor Technologies AG
Matt Jarvis
Tessa Kriesel

Learn from the companies that make the web tick - from machine learning and AI, to containerization and scaling in the cloud, to what it takes to make a great application - our speakers bring years of experience at massive scale to help you implement the technologies and techniques to make your company successful.

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Get even more with Virtual sessions from Nexilio

With three tracks over three days we're sure there will be plenty of sessions you'll want to attend. But if you want even more, you'll have access to over 200 training videos while on the cruise, including:

Data Collection, Privacy, & You

Making Faces: A Look at
Facial Recognition

Cryptography in Depth

Testing Like You've Never Tested Before

Solving Problems with Trees

What the FLOAT?!?

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Family Friendly Activities

Don't just make work memories - make the memories that count. Bring your family and enjoy numerous family activities from on-deck movies to dance lessons all included as part of your ticket. Have little ones? Be sure to check out all of Carnival's kid friendly activities.

Punchliner Comedy Club
Comedy clubs on land… well, it’s kinda funny. Nobody likes paying cover charges, and you know that two-drink minimum? They’ve gotta be joking! You won’t find either of these at The Punchliner Comedy Club aboard your Carnival cruise...

Seuss at Sea
From the whimsical and always wonderful world of Dr. Seuss comes Cats in Hats, Fish Red and Blue, and both kinds of Things — 1 and 2. And they’re all coming to a Carnival cruise near you as the world of Dr. Seuss leaps off the page...

Camp Ocean
The little ones can enjoy the best parts of summer camp, year-round aboard their Carnival cruise. At Camp Ocean kids will have a blast in supervised, age-based groups and give each a cool marine-life label...

Twister Waterslide
Above the ship you'll find the shining sun, but that's not all — basking in its rays is a gleaming symbol of fun, a monument to merriment... a sign of splashy-good times to come. Spot the spiraling Twister Waterslide atop your Carnival ship...

Hasbro, the Game Show
You've played Connect 4 and Yahtzee, but have you ever played giant versions of them onstage in a competition that puts your gaming skills to the test? You'll have your chance when you take part in Hasbro, The Game Show. From YAHTZEE BOWLING to CONNECT 4 BASKETBALL...

Serenity Adult Only Retreat
Somebody at Carnival knows just what you need, and it's pretty much exactly the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat. Look, you'll still be on the same ship as the kids, the hoopla, and all the Carnival-style excitement…

Skybox Sports Bar
Get hands-on with a game, a drink… and high-fives galore! SkyBox Sports Bar gets you right onto the 50-yard line of onboard sports action. Grab a drink or order some snacks — they’re great while kicking back and watching your favorite teams...

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Dedicated support and expertise

Whether you're working on an integration with RingCentral's APIs, a POC, or just have an idea - you and you're team will have the opportunity to schedule 1-1 time and sit down with any of our RingCentral API experts to design, build, and troubleshoot your app.

Don't miss this opportunity to get hands on with our team, and get your app into our App Gallery even faster!

RingCentral Experts Onboard

Bryne Reese
Sr. Mgr, Developer Products
Paco Vu
Sr. Developer Evangelist
Mike Stowe
Developer Relations
Taylor Gunter
Solutions Engineer
Tanja Hoefler
Community Specialist

And more to be added!

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Product launches and sneak peaks

We have some exciting announcements coming - and some exciting products! Be one of the first to know (and get hands on with 1:1 support from our top experts) with our latest APIs, products, SDKs, and more!

More details coming soon!

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Technology changes quickly. Learn from those who are keeping an eye not only on where the industry is going, but where it's coming from and why to make informed decisions about what technology to implement into your company's stack.

We want you to ship faster - more efficiently. Learn about all the new tools that make it easier for you to ship and maintain code (afterall we're all about the cloud) and new RingCentral tools that make it even easier to Code as One!

We're not saying you have the chance to become one of the first RingCentral Certified Developers - but we're not saying you don't. This year we'll be offering numerous online certifications including Nexilio's PHP and API certifications, as well as our first RingCentral Developer certification!!!

Join these Great Companies and Attendees


I just wanted to share some of my pictures from CoderCruise 2018! It was awesome! For those who have not yet been to this conference, waste no time! It is totally worth it."

– Ravi Gehlot

I really enjoyed this format of a conference, yes its a cruise ship you’re bound to have fun, but for me it was the opportunity to really connect with others from around the globe."

– Brian Childress

Been to a couple conferences by now and this was the first one on a cruise!! It was an amazing experience!!! If you didn’t make it this year hope to see you on it next year!"

– Tanja Hoefler

Join the party and get and one-on-one support!

You may have been to a conference party - but have you ever been to a conference party at sea!? Join the people behind the RingCentral Developer Platform, this year's speakers, and other RingCentral customers as we ship out and start shipping code.

During the reception (and entire conference) you'll have unbridled access to setup one-on-one time to discuss your unique needs, understand how the RingCentral platform can help you revolutionize communications, debug any issues, and get a sneak peak into the Developer Roadmap!

All while on your way to the Bahamas!

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