Shedquarters—Upping the Work at Home Game

The trend of remote working has been increasing over the past several years. It’s a fantastic way to equalize your work-life balance and cut out time-wasting activities, such as commuting to an office.

However, working from home can have numerous issues you need to identify and resolve in order to be successful. As a dad with three growing boys, Kevin Griffin has found working from home to be a continuous challenge. With his oldest going into 1st grade, Kevin and his wife decided to take the route of homeschooling. To best set their kids up for success, Kevin moved out of his office over the garage so it could be converted into a homeschooling/playroom.

But where is an office-less dad supposed to go? Enter the Shedquarters. With a budget of under $10,000, Kevin successfully created a brand new office for himself in the backyard. This talk is a postmortem of his experience with the project and will provide guidance to other work-from-home developers who need something more than a “room in the house.”

Location: Alberts Date: August 31, 2018 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm Kevin Griffin