Improving Customer Interactions with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we do business, giving us greater insights and allowing for more meaningful interactions than ever before. It’s so powerful that you can even take call log or call recording data (voicemails, phone calls, etc), transcribe them into text, and gain a deep understanding of your customers from overall […]

Distributed Apps for Web Developers: Web 3.0

Full Stack Web Developers know how every aspect of their web apps work in concert with each other, but a Full Stack Blockchain Developer has a set of knowledge specifically for building apps that run. Enabled by smart contracts, distributed applications (dapps) read and write to the blockchain, but put the user in control of […]

Performance Optimizations for Enterprise Web Apps

Struggling to get your website to load in less than five seconds on a mobile phone? You’re not alone! At Comcast, we’ve built many responsive sites and work hard at optimizing for performance. Using the latest PRPL pattern and Progressive Web API’s, we provide a compelling alternative to native apps. This talk will cover why […]

The Open Source Talk That Changed My Life Wasn’t Technical!

The first PHP conference I ever went to changed my life. I saw Ed Finkler talking about his struggles with mental health issues. I related so well with everything he said and was shocked to find out not everyone feels this way. Come learn about Open Sourcing Mental Illness, a nonprofit built on a movement […]

Design Patterns and Meta-Programming for Fun and Profit

Design patterns are often now seen as archaic solutions that were relevant in the old days of programming mostly in Java and C++, when Java didn’t support lambda expressions and dynamic features were nowhere to be seen. In this talk, we’ll show how this patterns, in combination with meta-programming techniques can be super interesting to […]