Enhance Your Career with a Mastermind Group

What do King Arthur, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, and Napoleon all have in common? Each of them belonged to groups called Masterminds, or brain trusts. The term was originally coined back in 1937, but the concept has survived the test of time. By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, each coming into the conversation with […]

Intro to Web Components

Native browser support for Web Components is underway, providing web developers with powerful new APIs. Web Components allow developers to create reusable components without a framework. During this talk we’ll learn about the Custom Elements, Template, and Shadow Dom specifications with code examples and different tools to help you utilize these new APIs. We’ll also […]

Call…Text…Video Me Maybe?

Have you ever wondered how you could add voice, telephone, SMS, MMS, messaging, video, meeting, or fax (yes – I said fax) capabilities to your web app? Learn how easy it is to build in all of these with HTTP based APIs and take your application beyond the browser. For this session we’ll focus on […]

APIs, Chains, & Graphs

Let’s face it, REST APIs can be problematic, and hypermedia hasn’t quite proven to be the answer we’ve looked for. GraphQL has quickly become more popular offering a solution to the problems REST created – but opens back up the very problems REST was created to avoid (remember SOAP?). But what if there was a […]

Building Better Software

We are in a magical industry where we literally create value by arranging ones and zeros… But what is it that really creates value in our industry? Is it the passion of the developers? Is it the process that you use? Is it the programming language? Is it the number of mountain dews that you […]

Opening Reception

Join us for the ‘Welcome Aboard CoderCruise 2018’ reception and opening remarks from your hosts Eli and Heather White of One for All Events and our presenting sponsor RingCentral. Adult and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided.

Three Steps on the Path to Automated Testing

Bugs happen, it’s as simple as that. No developer can guarantee they can write perfect code. With that in mind, maybe you’ve heard success stories of automated testing, and maybe you’ve even started doing research, but you just haven’t been able to get the ball rolling. You’re probably asking yourself, “What does it really take?” […]

Career Paths Beyond Senior Developer

“What will be your job title in the year before your retirement?” This is a question most software developers struggle with, in large part because there haven’t been generations of engineers before us that have matured through the IT workforce and on to retirement. What career paths will we follow to remain technical while still being […]