Maintaining Homestead

Laravel’s Homestead project is the second most downloaded public vagrant environment. Initially designed to be a full featured local development environment focused on making Laravel developer’s experience easier Homestead has grown into a solid well-rounded LAMP stack Vagrant environment for nearly any PHP project. Join us as we review the features and inner workings of […]

Design Patterns and Meta-Programming for Fun and Profit

Design patterns are often now seen as archaic solutions that were relevant in the old days of programming mostly in Java and C++, when Java didn’t support lambda expressions and dynamic features were nowhere to be seen. In this talk, we’ll show how this patterns, in combination with meta-programming techniques can be super interesting to […]

Design: The Science of Making Stuff Pretty

Even if you’re not a creative, mastering the principles of what makes for a great user experience is important to most of our jobs. Because of this, I like to look at web and application design as more of a science than an art. In this talk, I’ll draw parallels between development practices and design […]