Intro to Web Components

Native browser support for Web Components is underway, providing web developers with powerful new APIs. Web Components allow developers to create reusable components without a framework. During this talk we’ll learn about the Custom Elements, Template, and Shadow Dom specifications with code examples and different tools to help you utilize these new APIs. We’ll also […]

Call…Text…Video Me Maybe?

Have you ever wondered how you could add voice, telephone, SMS, MMS, messaging, video, meeting, or fax (yes – I said fax) capabilities to your web app? Learn how easy it is to build in all of these with HTTP based APIs and take your application beyond the browser. For this session we’ll focus on […]

Distributed Apps for Web Developers: Web 3.0

Full Stack Web Developers know how every aspect of their web apps work in concert with each other, but a Full Stack Blockchain Developer has a set of knowledge specifically for building apps that run. Enabled by smart contracts, distributed applications (dapps) read and write to the blockchain, but put the user in control of […]

Career Paths Beyond Senior Developer

“What will be your job title in the year before your retirement?” This is a question most software developers struggle with, in large part because there haven’t been generations of engineers before us that have matured through the IT workforce and on to retirement. What career paths will we follow to remain technical while still being […]

Design for Developers

While there is some truth to “some amount of innate talent is required to be a true artist”, it’s not necessarily so in learning how to design. And as developers, we’ve all found ourselves struggling when called on to be both the designer and developer of a website. There are processes and techniques you can […]

From Zero to Serverless

So many times our customers need a simple routine that can be executed on a routine basis but the solution doesn’t need to be an elaborate solution without going the trouble of setting servers and other infrastructure. Serverless computer is the abstraction of servers, infrastructure, and operating systems and make getting solutions to your customer’s […]

The Open Source Talk That Changed My Life Wasn’t Technical!

The first PHP conference I ever went to changed my life. I saw Ed Finkler talking about his struggles with mental health issues. I related so well with everything he said and was shocked to find out not everyone feels this way. Come learn about Open Sourcing Mental Illness, a nonprofit built on a movement […]