Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Web Apps

Virtual reality and augmented reality will revolutionize the Web. In this talk, we will build and demo both an augmented reality web application built using three.js and a webcam, and a virtual reality web application using PHP, React.js, A-Frame, and an Oculus Rift.

Denied! Securing your Application with Better User Authorization

As our applications grow in complexity, application security needs to change to keep pace. Using real-world examples we will explore new implementations for front-end user authorization and authentication best practices. We’ll go beyond the basics of determining if a user is logged in, and discuss using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication. By examining security […]

Performance Optimizations for Enterprise Web Apps

Struggling to get your website to load in less than five seconds on a mobile phone? You’re not alone! At Comcast, we’ve built many responsive sites and work hard at optimizing for performance. Using the latest PRPL pattern and Progressive Web API’s, we provide a compelling alternative to native apps. This talk will cover why […]

Taking Code on the Road

Cindy Cullen has learned a lot of things about coding, freelancing, languages, web development, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, servers, Laravel, and much more from her life on the road. Freedom is important to her. Programming has allowed Cindy and her wife to live the life of their dreams with some of the most wonderful clients in the […]