Enhance Your Career with a Mastermind Group

What do King Arthur, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, and Napoleon all have in common? Each of them belonged to groups called Masterminds, or brain trusts. The term was originally coined back in 1937, but the concept has survived the test of time. By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, each coming into the conversation with […]

Improving Customer Interactions with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we do business, giving us greater insights and allowing for more meaningful interactions than ever before. It’s so powerful that you can even take call log or call recording data (voicemails, phone calls, etc), transcribe them into text, and gain a deep understanding of your customers from overall […]

APIs, Chains, & Graphs

Let’s face it, REST APIs can be problematic, and hypermedia hasn’t quite proven to be the answer we’ve looked for. GraphQL has quickly become more popular offering a solution to the problems REST created – but opens back up the very problems REST was created to avoid (remember SOAP?). But what if there was a […]

Building Better Software

We are in a magical industry where we literally create value by arranging ones and zeros… But what is it that really creates value in our industry? Is it the passion of the developers? Is it the process that you use? Is it the programming language? Is it the number of mountain dews that you […]

Three Steps on the Path to Automated Testing

Bugs happen, it’s as simple as that. No developer can guarantee they can write perfect code. With that in mind, maybe you’ve heard success stories of automated testing, and maybe you’ve even started doing research, but you just haven’t been able to get the ball rolling. You’re probably asking yourself, “What does it really take?” […]

I Don’t Care About Security (And Neither Should You)

Remember when setting up a login page was easy? It seems like nowadays, it takes many weeks to start a project just to create a signup form, a login form, and a forgotten password screen. And that’s if you don’t need two-factor authentication or passwordless authentication. During this presentation, the attendees will be introduced to […]

Shedquarters—Upping the Work at Home Game

The trend of remote working has been increasing over the past several years. It’s a fantastic way to equalize your work-life balance and cut out time-wasting activities, such as commuting to an office. However, working from home can have numerous issues you need to identify and resolve in order to be successful. As a dad […]

Procrastination as a Service: Caching and Queueing

In this talk, Lawrence Shea will convince you that your parents were wrong and procrastination is actually a best practice. He’ll discuss: what caching is, what queuing is, why you (probably) don’t need live data, why you should push everything off until later, and how we can get our lazy on with Redis.

SOLID Principles in Action: From Slack to Twilio

SOLID principles make software more flexible and maintainable. In this talk, Micah Silverman touches on each of the principles: Single responsibility principle Open/closed principle Liskov substitution principle Interface segregation principle Dependency inversion principle However, rather than talk about them in the abstract, the talk focuses on a specific code example. The example starts out as […]