NOTICE: Ticket prices at this point as we are less than 2 months away are volatile.  Prices will go up steadily, so if you wish to lock in at the prices you see here you need to book immediately!

This year we are offering single flat rate pricing that will cover all aspects of the event. Cruise tickets are sold per room and increase only marginally for each additional person. Your purchase will include the cruise, onboard accommodations, entertainment and all meals. It also has all taxes, port fees, and gratuities included. These fees are normally hidden when buying cruises online and are only exposed at the final checkout screen, adding up to hundreds of dollars per cruiser! As you can see we were able to negotiate great rates, as low as $410 per person.  Your only additional costs will be transportation & hotel before/after the conference, and any alcoholic drinks you might purchase onboard.

Single Double Triple Quad
Interior Room $1,149 $1,249 $1,549 $1,749
Ocean View $1,299 $1,349 $1,629 $1,869
Balcony $1,479 $1,599 $1,879 $2,179
Description Price Quantity
Interior Room — Single Occupancy $1,299.00
Interior Room — Double Occupancy $1,399.00
Interior Room — Triple Occupancy $1,699.00
Interior Room — Quad Occupancy $1,899.00
Ocean View — Single Occupancy $1,399.00
Ocean View — Double Occupancy $1,499.00
Ocean View — Triple Occupancy $1,799.00
Ocean View — Quad Occupancy $1,999.00
Balcony — Single Occupancy $1,599.00
Balcony — Double Occupancy $1,699.00
Balcony — Triple Occupancy $1,999.00
Balcony — Quad Occupancy $2,299.00
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If you are interested in a suite, please contact us to discuss your options as they vary greatly. Also if you are an experienced cruiser and would like to choose a specific room or cabin class, you may also reach out to obtain a custom quote. AT THIS TIME:  The prices above simply guarantee you that type of room.  The ship is beginning to fill, and specific room classes cannot be guaranteed at that rate.  If you want a specific cabin class within the above type, you need to contact us for a custom quote.