Lost Art of Troubleshooting

Finding the cause of the issue and mitigating it with minimal disruption in production is a must-have skill for engineers responsible for managing and maintaining production systems. In this talk, I will discuss the skills required to troubleshoot complex systems, traits that prevent engineers from being successful at troubleshooting and discuss some techniques and tips […]

User Adoption, User Definition and User Interface Design

In this session we will explore what it takes to create a product that your users will love.  To do this will we first take a look at core UI/UX questions such as understanding basic user needs, emotional language, tribal behaviors and conditioned responses.  We will take a quick demo through some metric gathering tools […]

Web Components: Lego Bricks of the Web

Are you writing the same login form over and over again? Web components offer a modular approach to creating reusable UI widgets. Ditch large, complex frameworks and drop these lightweight building blocks into your site. We will show you how to build custom elements and introduce you to the existing elements and tools available from […]

Family Technology Workshop

We will be starting any and all family members on a path towards programming who wish to join us.  No prior experience required.  Just show up with a computer and a web browser, and we’ll get you started.  The course will use JavaScript as a simple language to begin your path to becoming a programmer. […]

Bend Time to Your Will with git

Most people understand the basics of Git. Creating a repository, branching, merging—those are all pretty simple tasks. Part of the power of Git resides in its ability to actually manipulate the history of a repository and clean things up, remove things that should not have been there, and do detective work. Let’s spin up our […]

The Red Team is Coming!

The Red Team, hackers, criminal organizations, and nation states, are a constant threat. The systems we build are the targets. We need to understand the human collateral that hangs in the balance. We embrace methodologies to write better code and make our lives better. They do nothing for the rest of humanity that is directly […]

Not-so-Common Table Expressions for Developers

As applications get more complex, so does their interaction with the database. In this talk, we will walk through SQL’s Common Table Expressions and how these can improve application code. By using CTEs a developer can reduce transaction handling complexity while at the same time boosting performance, and readability which can reduce development time. For […]

Get the Power of Native with Progressive Web Apps

As developers, we want to create apps that engage users across multiple devices. But building native apps is costly and cumbersome. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) combine the power of native apps with the ease of building and deploying web apps. Learn to craft PWA experiences using new web standards, including service workers, push notifications, and […]

Algorithm Deep Dive: Implementing Quicksort

Algorithm is a bit of a buzzword in our industry. All companies want them, and all engineers want to be able to write them (and not just write them, but write them efficiently), but very few actually know anything about them. This talk seeks to change that. It will provide a perfect springboard for all […]

From Monoliths to Services: Pruning Technical Debt

Ever since distributed software became more popular, developers have been deciding whether to use monolithic architectures or service oriented architectures. With the advancement of cloud infrastructure and the widespread implementation of Agile methodologies, the latter approach has become easier. We’ll talk about how a monolithic app can become too big to handle due to its […]