Effective Redis

Redis is a key-value store that has carved out a role for itself as a data structure server. If you’re using it only for caching simple values, you’re tapping a mere fraction of its power. This presentation provides an introduction to Redis as well as related data structures that Redis supports and when it’s best […]

Become a Frontend Performance Master

Back in the day, minifying and concatenating your web app was “performant enough,” but when you take performance seriously and bake it into the development workflow, you’ll soon realize every design decision you make has to be informed by their performance implications. This talk will discuss and present an overview of things you need to […]

Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone: Learning to Teach

As a developer, you spend your entire life learning. But what happens when the tables are turned, and you become the teacher? Do you want to become a conference speaker, talk at your local user group, give presentations at work, or become a technical trainer? As a former classroom teacher with a Master’s Degree in […]

What Makes a Great Developer?

Regardless of our technical specialization, seniority level, or present job, we want to be the best developers we can. On our individual journeys, we meet others we hold in high regard and consider to be exemplary of our vocation and our craft. What makes these developers great? How can we best follow their example? We’ll […]

Dat Remote Life

Working from home is great! Right? It’s all pajama pants and video games until you remember it is still a real job. Working from home can be great, but it can be just as demanding as working in an office and has challenges in-office workers do not face. As someone who has worked from home […]

Give Me A REST!

More devices than ever are connected to the Internet these days, and the need for APIs is growing fast. REST APIs in particular are rapidly gaining adoption amongst tech professionals due to their ease of use for end users and ease of maintenance for developers. However, developers don’t always take into consideration API design best […]

Silence is Deadly

40,000+ people will lose their battle with depression each year. Those who survive a loss are hurt, and those who survive an attempt are shamed. It’s time to end the stigma surrounding mental health and let those who struggle know they’re not alone. This starts with us. In this talk we will discuss the state […]

Developing Applications for Performance

With the rise of the cloud and the abundance of automation and container tools that simplify scalability aspects of your system, performance considerations are often pushed to the back row. Building systems for high performance is not easy. It requires a lot of considerations—from technology selection to design decisions. In this talk, I’ll discuss common […]

“Ten Principles for Good Design” in Development

Dieter Rams is one of the world’s most iconic industrial designers. His work at Braum and Vitsoe is considered legendary. He crafted a set of principles for what he considered “good design” known as the “Ten Principles for Good Design.” When you view your code as a product or design, you start to realize all […]