I Beat Developer Isolation by Talking to a Duck

Going deep on some serious code feels great, but can lead to long-term loneliness as we all retreat to our home offices. Sometimes our only form of feedback and collaboration is “rubber ducking” – discussing our problems with an inanimate object. What if you could take those non-technical personal relationships and turn them into living […]

Opening Remarks

Welcome to the inaugural CoderCruise!  After boarding on Sunday, you’ll have some time to get used to the ship, but this will be our first chance to get to meet all your fellow conference attendees.  Come join us and bring the whole family as we will have some words of welcome, encouragement (and maybe inspiration) […]

Closing Keynote: AI for Everyone

AI, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning, is definitely on the hype cycle right now. But what can it do for you? And why now? Machine Learning is not a new concept. It’s quite an old idea, but in this talk, Josh Holmes will dive into what it is, what it’s capable of and the […]

Syntax is Not Programming

Learning programming languages can be scary. Even veteran coders can struggle with learning new languages. Syntax can look intimidating and cause lots of frustration. Luckily, programming languages are built on a set of fundamental principles that change very little between languages. Focusing on these things will separate programming from syntax, and make the learning process […]

Getting Started with the Twitter API

Learn from the author of TwitterOAuth how to quickly integrate your application with the Twitter API. We will show you how to speed up onboarding with “Sign in with Twitter” authentication, bootstrap profiles with Twitter identities, and increase reach with quick publishing to user timelines. We’ll go over some basic do’s and don’ts of the […]

Get Started with RabbitMQ

As your application grows, you soon realize you need to break up your application into smaller chunks that communicate with each other. In this talk, we will take a look at the techniques you can use to vastly enhance inter-application communication, learn about the core concepts of RabbitMQ, cover how you can scale different parts […]